Korain Jimmi Park Jack Simpson Riya Saanvi Max peralta Ellis Hart Lokela Kekoa Tristan Ortiz
Justin h. Min
Korain, our loveable, space-cadet, bot-building, idiot. A space-case, a little bit clumsy, but an absolute genius. Inventor, creator, mechanic, engineer. Runs a shop called "bot-friends" in which he creates legal & registered robot companions for anyone on station. However, underground, it is a meeting place for Bullseye. A vigilante that tracks down criminal master-minds forming in the deep pits of Lowtown. Bullseye, a robin-hood style vigilante, taking down criminals along with robbing the rich blind.
Jimmi Park
Steven Yeun
JIMMI, Korain's older brother, unknown to Ko. He survived the attack on their family's town as he was staying with his father, as Jimmi and Korain's parents split at a young age. Jimmi got news that the town where his younger brother and mother were living were destroyed and had no survivors, he lived an entire life assuming his younger brother was killed. One day, he digs further to see his brother (name is -- Park, who we know as Korain) didn't have an obituary but his mother did. Believes his brother is still out there.
Sean AStin
Ko's non-biological father. Jack found Korain deserted in rubble after a civil conflict had ended. the entire town was destroyed, but Jack stumbled across a infant that survived the civil war. He saved Korain, but unaware if Korain had family as he assumed them to all be dead. Raised Korain as his own son in Babylon. Mechanic of a hovercar shop. Him and Korain lived in poverty but made due with what they had. Loves Korain with all his heart, might be a bit too over-protective of him.
Riya Saanvi
Ritu Arya
Ant's ex. She served the expansion war as a member of the GLF, soldier, and found Ant near the end of war. Both injured, physically and mentally. They found one another at the best and worst of times. They were inseperable, deeply troubled by war, and absolutely toxic for one another. However, they were able to heal and push through their PTSD. But one morning, it all quickly vanished as one of them woke up alone. It was a short-lived intense romance, as it never really went past anything physical. The both were incapable of love after what they witnessed.
max peralta
robert sheehan
The man-child of Perseus Investigations. A real pain in Ant's ass, but in true form overall the best partner to have. Overall chaotic, off the wall, and seems to never take anything seriously. Yet, one of the best private investigator's out there, aside from Antony Lowe. always coming up with the most non-traditional ways to approach the files Perseus seems to aquire. Allergic to work. Often found asleep at his desk. ant and max met eachother at terminus security and bailed the second they could as being confined to law enforcement and playing it by the rules was never Max's forte.
Ellis Hart
Cillian Murphy
Criminal mastermind. Trafficking drugs around Penglai system through his family-owned cruise ships. Royal Galactic Cruises. Has been apart of illegal and illicit affairs under the cruise line for two decades and slowly build out his network over the system. drug war emperor, and once his father passed (of questionable means), the cruise line was trusted to Ellis. his drug trade is a well oiled machine and very well masked behind the royalty of his cruise ships that cater to the richest of the system, who don't bat an eye to what happens behind doors.
Lokela Kekoa
Jason Momoa
Waterfolk that lived on the planet Arda. Ardanians, known to be warriors of the sea. All have unique patterns adorned in their skin to represent shark-teeth as a sigil of being the most ruthless creatures of the seas. Lokela transported to the Penglai system and learned common to live amongst the creatures that inhabited this system. Became a personal trainer once he lived on station.
Tristan Ortiz
Pedro Pascal
Security for Second Life Ind.