the radiance

korain's moodboard.

name korain simpson
goes by ko, bullseye, koko
dob & age june 2 2628 & 29*
homeworld babylon
currrently living gasworks, terminus
status the moon the prince
occupation bot-builder, runs bot-friends. vigilante at night..

history on ko Korain was never meant to survive, or even exist. His family line ceased to exist the day both his family was killed during a misshap of miscommunication between two neighboring towns that fought over trade. Left in just a dirty blanket, Korain was found by a man named Jack Simpson. Jack took this infant into his own hands and fled the town and found a save haven in Eden, Babylon.

Korain was raised in a home where food portionings were slim, and having dirt stains on his garb was an occasional appearance for Ko. However, he never once questioned it. While he knew he lost his family line and Jack was not his biological father, he was beyond grateful for the second life he was given.

In his new life in Eden, his father Jack worked at a repair shop in the heart of the town square. In his spare time, when not buried in studies, he was at the shop his father worked at and learned tips of the trade. With his minimal skills, he would find himself in scrapyards and start taking apart anything he could find and "rebuild it". With his interest in tinkering with broken down objects, he entered school to get a degree and background in mechanics & technology. But desperate times called for desperate measures, and Korain found himself dabbling in criminal activities to help bring credits to his name. He did everything he could to keep his father and himself alive and well fed.

With very little to his name, he decided to move on with his life and leave Babylon behind. About two years ago, he left home and found life on Terminus. Korain worked for a repair shop in his first arrival but eventually moved on and opened a small store front in which he took his real skill to the test. 'Bot-Friends' became a place where anyone on station could request for a legally registered bot-companion. Either, Korain built them a bot from scratch or could renovate an existing bot.
Ko always had such a soft spot when it came to 'make the world a better place than you found it'. So, when he was struck with inspiration to fight crime and keep terror out of the streets.... He couldn't resist.

In his upbringing, he was no stranger in taking desperate matters to hand, and he had formed a nasty habit of five-finger discount. in his younger years, it was out of hand. but with control, korain had turned it into a tool to help the poor. bullseye became a robin-hood esque vigilante. diminishing criminals in the street while.... robbing the rich blind.
likes: those ancient soduku puzzles, coffee, funky shirts, alcohol in any form, dancing. dislikes: puzzles he can't solve, mushrooms, uncertainty, being jump-scared.

PERSONALITY caring, scrappy, gullible, companion, warm, space cadet, not very self-aware, aloof, sensitive, resourceful, selfless, absent-minded, has a small klepto problem, thievish, vulnerable.

Vigilante wear
ACCURACY EXO SUIT: enhances his accuracy and precision.
→ leather jacket. always.

bullseye's equipment
→ bow and arrow, a quiver that allows ko' to change the elemental effect for the battle.
  • ELEMENTALS: fire, water, electricity.
  • CHARGE TIME: with the limitations of his quiver, he can chose one element to shoot at a time during a single battle, he does not have the ability to change the element mid battle.
  • utility belt: grapple hook, throwing stars, throwing knife, dagger, smokebombs.

    SKILLS tinkering away, handy dandy repair-man, , somehow attempting to get himself into trouble when he least expects it, agile and quick, steady hand.
  • parkour training
  • self-defense courses
  • tropes
    • allergic to routine
    • fear of being alone, abandomnent issues at its finest.
    • his own worst enemy, i don't need no help i will sabotage myself.
    • socially awkward
    • super gullible
    • trusts too easily.