Well it's a shame I'm a dream

FLIGHT FACILITIES - CRAVE YOUwhy can't you want me like the other boys do?
they stare at me while i stare at you.
why can't i keep you safe as my own?
one moment I have you the next you are gone
NO DOUBT - DON'T SPEAKi really feel that i'm losing my best friend
i can't believe this could be the end it looks as though you're letting go
and if it's real well, i don't want to know
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - SOUL MEETS BODYso brown eyes i hold you near cause you’re the only song i want to hear
a melody softly soaring through my atmosphere
THE NATIONAL - ABOUT TODAYyou just walked away and i just watched you
what could i say? how close am i to losing you?
COPELAND - TO BE HAPPY NOWwhen every fire we sparked was just another blinking out
they're glowing like an ember in the dark
ti 'cause you just want to be happy now.
MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - I CAN BARELY BREATHEbecause if seein' is believin'
then believe that we have lost our eyes
'cause when i fly solo i fly so high
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - SOMEDAY YOU WILL BE LOVEDyou may feel alone when you're falling asleep
and everytime tears roll down your cheeks
but i know your heart belongs to someone you've yet to meet
MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?i've got to break what i'm making and turn it into nothing for you
THE SMITHS - HOW SOON IS NOWhow can you say i go about things the wrong way?
i am human and i need to be loved, just like everybody else does.
THE SMITHS - THE BOY WITH A THORN IN HIS SIDEthe boy with the thorn in his side behind the hatred there lies
a murderous desire for love
PARAMORE - ALL I WANTEDi could follow you to the beginning and just to relive the start
and maybe then we'll remember to slow down
at all of our favorite parts all i wanted was you